Monday is an extension of your marketing team.

We know that true partnerships focus on aligned values and goals to help you achieve success.

We build bespoke and flexible strategies that thrive in a fast-changing digital environment.
We take the time to get to know your business and the real issues to be solved.
Data is the basis of every strategy we create. We take a holistic approach toward creating and assembling your brand's digital strategy.
We become anextension of your marketing team, and work alongside you, not just to achieve your goals, but to benefit your business in the long run
  1. We establish your digital ecosystem, an online environment thatmeets your business' goals.
  2. We provide you withcustom-built, flexible strategies that respond if and when the digital environment changes
  3. Your situation is managed on daily basis while optimization opportunities are found. Your digital strategy will always have a keen set of eyes looking out for it.
We are a proud team of talented individuals, with digital experience and professional curiosity who never give up.
  • Alexander Budnik
  • Anna Lipskaya
  • Nikita Khralenkov
  • Egor Shkil
    Head of UA Department
  • Alex Antonov
    UA Manager
  • Evgeniya Savkina
    Customer Retention Manager
  • Maya Meleshko
    Marketing Manager
  • Alex Bakinovskaya
    Project Manager
  • Daria Hilkevich
    Sales Director
  • Tatiana Kihilevich
    UA Manager
  • Veronika Mishina
    Project Manager
  • Olga Sokolchik
  • Irina Klimacheva
    Influencer Manager
  • Anastasia Jakovleva
    Influencer Manager
  • Anna Akulich
    UA Manager