Retailer Data
Data Management DV360 (ex. DoubleClick by Google) Analytics
The goal was to increase the frequency of PROSTOKVASHINO sour cream consumption at a particular retailer inside the segment of people who consumed the PROSTOKVASHINO brand but did not consume PROSTOKVASHINO sour cream and had a potential for frequency growth due to competitors.

To try the hypothesis that targeted awareness campaign can influence sales.
  1. We organized an anonymized and encrypted data collection of the needed customer segment using a retailer CRM system and transferred the data to our own data management platform.
  2. We divided the segment into a target group for an advertising campaign and a control group. This enabled us to compare consumption changes after the campaign.
  3. We uploaded the collected data into DMP within several advertising systems: DV360, Facebook and Yandex and then launched an advertising campaign.
  4. After a 2 month campaign, we exchanged the data with the retailer and compared the behaviour of the target group and the controlled group in the short and medium-term.
1 experiment is not enough to prove a hypothesis, but it was definitely a big step toward measurable advertising for FMCG.
Media and research results
Reach: 189K
Frequency: 9.4
Impressions: 1 777K
We recognized nearly 90% of customer data through advertising systems
About 70% were covered with 3+ frequency during the campaign
Business results
Short-term consumption shows a 5.4% growth in sales (1 month after campaign)
Medium-term consumptions shows 4.3% of new customers are still buying (2 month after campaign)